With only a couple of weeks left of the year 2020, it’s time to look back and see how it all went. As we all know, there was not much that could be planned in advance and new turns took place each month, if not every week. Fortunately the Covid situation in Finland has not been overly dramatic and we have been able to keep the internal operations running with little distractions. Regrettably, however, we were not able to meet customers and collaboration partners in person as much as before and visits to our site have also been strictly limited.

Along the year Teams meetings and remote audits have become a new normal and at least the former are likely to stay with us from now on as well. Although the communication this way is not the same as sitting around the same table, it has been a working arrangement and in a way the barrier for arranging meetings has been lowered.

We wish all our contact persons a Joyful December and peaceful preparation for the upcoming holiday season!