Thank you Korea, until the next time!

Our week in Korea is coming to a close today, it is time to fly back home treasuring all the meetings and hospitality received. Many thanks to everyone who made this trip possible and took the time out of their busy schedules to talk to us! We are truly honored to have been able to develop such long-term and fruitful collaboration and personal relationships. Until we meet again, may it be soon!

New talents joined

Dr. Annu Rusanen has joined Pharmatory to take the role of production manager in charge of project management. Annu has a PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Oulu and she also has experience about working in international environment.

Ms. Erja Ravaska started working in our analytical laboratory. With her vast experience and calm and balanced demeanor she will be an irreplaceable part of our team.

Enhancement of our QC laboratory

Birch is economically the third most important tree species in Finland and it is the national tree of Finland. Birch is well suited for firewood and carpentry, and birch pulp is used to make paper.

A birch forest is also adorning the new equipment room of the Pharmatory QC laboratory. The new room has plenty of space for new equipment and allows for redesign of the existing QC laboratory to make it more feasible and user-friendly.

New Collaboration Partnership

Pharmatory has recently established a collaboration partnership with OncoBone, a Finnish company offering scientific expertise to pharmaceutical and biotech industry and their service providers globally. For more details, please see

OncoBone provides Pharmatory with stronger visibility within the biotech field by representing Pharmatory in scientific and trade events that they attend. We look forward to bringing our services available to even wider range of companies working to develop new treatments to benefit patients in need.

Pharmatory autumn outlook

The summer season is slowly coming to a close and autumn colors are starting to appear in the nature. At Pharmatory the construction work of the new analytical equipment room has been completed and we are preparing for moving the equipment in. After that we will start reorganizing the ‘old’ laboratory to make it more user-friendly and allow for more workstations for the technicians.

The projects are again running in the production and in the lab, while the BD is preparing for the CPhI in Barcelona in October. On the drawing board is also a trip to South Korea to meet our customers and collaboration partners there, so a hectic but interesting autumn season awaits us all. We are very much looking forward to being able to meet You at some of these occasions!

62nd AFI symposium 2O23 in Rimini, Italy

Pharmatory attended the 62nd AFI symposium in Rimini, Italy, together with close to 800 hundred other attendees. The symposium had a very cosy atmosphere and we had many nice and fruitful discussions: We would like to thank everyone who visited our booth and shared their thoughts with us. And thank you very much Jenni Mäkipää for taking care of the arrangements and being such a nice company throughout the exhibition!

Pharmatory in South Korea

Pharmatory just recently visited the Seoul area in South Korea to meet with existing and new customers. We also visited BioKorea trade show organized in COEX Convention and Exhibition Centre. A big ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone, it was such a pleasure to meet you all and we look forward to the next opportunity to come over again!

New Production Technician

Mr. Markus Lohi recently joined Pharmatory as a production technician to add his energy and skills to our team. We look forward to working together with him to help our customers reach their goals.