Corporate Responsibility

Pharmatory’s business idea is to speed up the pharmaceutical R&D processes of our customers, taking into account the safety, health and environmental issues of the work.

Commitment to corporate responsibility

Pharmatory improves the occupational safety and job satisfaction of the personnel and pays attention to the ability to integrate the financial obligations with social and environmental responsibilities. Our activities have an impact also on our customers and on the society as a whole. Pharmatory is committed to corporate responsibility which positively impacts our customers, our shareholders, our people, our suppliers and the communities around our businesses. We expect our suppliers to conform to similar standards.

Environmental policy

Pharmatory takes into account the environmental considerations as a part of our investment process and applies the principles of best environmental practice in the planning, development and decommissioning of our buildings and apparatus. We also develop policies and practices that raise awareness and encourage and enable our staff to make a contribution to achieving environmental improvement.

Continuous learning

Competitive advantage is sustained by having sufficient and appropriate skills to deliver business objectives. Our goal is to establish an environment that facilitates learning and ensures the levels of training and competence by local regulation. Our staff training program is specified by SOP and reviewed for every employee in an annual performance discussion.

Health and safety

It is Pharmatory’s policy to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all our employees and others affected by our business activities. Managing health and safety is an integral part of managing the total risks faced by our business.