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Pharmatory’s Autumn Exhibitions


Autumn is the time for Exhibitions! Out of our two main events of the year, ICSE is succesfully over and Eurotier is just around the corner.

Pharmatory was exhibiting in the ICSE hall, at booth 10E17 in CPhI / ICSE Exhibition in Madrid on 9-11 October, 2012. Once again the event was succesful with many meetings, and we want to thank all our customers and collaboration partners for your visit to our stand.

Next we will be exhibiting in the Eurotier 2012 Exhibition in Hannover, Germany. We look forward to seeing you there, so please pop byour stand 15A51. See you in Hannover!

After the exhibitions we will concentrate on customer visits and roadshows, and start the new exhibition season in the spring 2013

Enzymatic tools for preparation of chiral APIs and key building blocks


Last year Pharmatory introduced enzyme catalysis into its service portfolio. Since then the company has explored deeper into the possibilities offered by the enzyme catalysis. The company has also used enzymes in the synthesis of chiral APIs in pilot scale.

The main effort has been directed at efficient screening and evaluation of commercially available enzymes to quickly provide information about applicability of enzymatic conversion to a new substrate. The screening process also serves as a tool for selection of most promising enzymes for further development and optimisation.

Once the most potential enzyme has been selected the process can be optimised and scaled up readily and in relatively short period of time. This has resulted, for instance, in preparation of a chiral building block in kilogram scale and its further use in manufacturing of the final API at Pharmatory.

Enzyme catalysis is an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective way of manufacturing high-value chemicals. The most typical example of using enzyme catalysis is preparation of enantiomerically pure compounds.
Pharmatory will present the developments in the field of enzyme catalysis in CPhI / ICSE Exhibition in Madrid, Spain on November 9-11, 2012. Dr. Heikki Hassila will have a presentation in the Speaker’s Corner in the ICSE hall on Wednesday October 10th at 13:30. After the presentation, you will have an opportunity to find out more about the capabilities and experiences of Pharmatory in the field of enzyme catalysis over some snacks and wine at booth 10E17 at 15:00.

Visit Pharmatory in the exhibition, in the ICSE hall, at booth number 10E17, to discuss our new developments in more detail!



At Pharmatory, we offer you route development for Isotope labelling and synthesis of your stable and radioactive labelled substances. Benefit from our Labelling services and save time and money.

Our Class B Isotope laboratory, along with our team of chemists, awaits your cGMP labelling projects! After synthesising your labelled compound, we analyse the radiochemical purity and specific activity of your compounds, and store and ship them on request. We have experience in shipping the compounds to Europe and to the USA.

Radiolabelled compounds synthesised at Pharmatory have been used, for example, in microdosing studies in humans. Contact us for more information, we are happy to send you our quotation!