• 1.7.2014

    Nordic Life Science DAYS 2014

    Pharmatory will be participating and exhibiting at the Nordic Life Science Days in Stockholm, Sweden, on September 7-9 2014.
    We look forward to seeing you there!

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  • 13.5.2014

    6th Nordic Process Chemistry Forum

    Pharmatory will be attending the 6th Nordic Process Chemistry Forum in Espoo, Finland, on May 21st-23rd and give a presentation about use of enzymatic reactions in preparation of pharmaceutical compounds of commercial interest.

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  • 17.2.2014

    Novel oxidation chemistry

    The toolbox of a modern chemist contains plenty of good and efficient methods for reduction of carbonyl compounds, but oxidation of alcohols still continues to be a challenge.

    At Pharmatory we have been working with enzymatic oxidation of alcohols and the first results have just come become available. Our new method enables clean and selective oxidation of primary and secondary alcohols to carbonyl compounds under simple and non-hazardous reaction conditions.

    If you would be interested in …

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