About Us


Pharmatory is a Finnish, customer-oriented company providing process R&D, cGMP contract manufacturing of APIs, biocatalysis and radiolabelling services.

Pharmatory specialises in route scouting, process research and development, scale-up and cGMP manufacturing of key intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) with focus on quality operation and timely delivery.

Pharmatory is capable of manufacturing GMP batches from milligram scale to tens of kilograms, making Pharmatory a perfect partner for orphan drug and veterinary companies. Pharmatory also provides specialist services such as radiolabelling and enzyme catalysis, what distinguishes it from other service providers.

The key components in all projects are customer orientation and operational excellence with high confidentiality and commitment to exceptional customer service.

Pharmatory has been routinely inspected by Regulatory Authorities as well as its customers with clean track record, since it was founded in 2001.


Pharmatory’s business idea is to speed up the pharmaceutical R&D processes of our customers, taking into account the safety, health and environmental issues of the work. At the same time Pharmatory improves the occupational safety and job satisfaction of the personnel and pays attention to the ability to integrate the financial obligations with social and environmental responsibilities. Our activities have an impact also on our customers and on the society as a whole.